Egress Window Well Safety

Egress window wells are designed to provide safety for your home and family without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. They meet the requirements set by the Egress Code to provide you and your family a safe exit from each inhabited basement room in case of emergencies. Our window wells offer safety using three main design features:

Window Well Dimensions

The Egress Code establishes minimum dimensions for a window well to ensure enough space to accommodate both those exiting and rescue personnel trying to enter during emergencies. Each of our window well designs meets or exceeds these standards when used with Egress Code approved windows.

Escape Steps or Ladder

The Egress Code also requires there to be escape steps or permanently affixed ladders in window wells that are deeper than 44 inches below ground level. These steps and ladders must be functional enough for even small children to use them unassisted. All of our deeper wells feature substantial, durable steps that make exiting easy. We also offer safety ladders for our window wells to maintain a simple exit for every member of your family.

Window Covers and Grates
While egress window wells provide an extra measure of safety and peace of mind, they can also present a fall risk for small children and animals outside of the the home. This is why we offer durable covers and grates to place over your window well. They are made of durable material which affords a safe covering while still allowing sunlight to shine through and easy opening.

We build each of our products with safety in mind from the beginning. As part of an overall structure of safety, our products can help provide you and your family a plan of action and peace in an emergency. With a direct escape route through your basement windows, you can be confident in your emergency escape plan while maintaining the style of your home.


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